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If you are a member of a district committee on ordained ministry, thank you for the careful work you are doing with candidates for ministry. You know that this is an important process of hearing candidate express their understanding of their call to ministry.

To assist you with this process the Oklahoma Conference Board of Ordained Ministry has developed a Handbook for District Committees on Ordained Ministry. If you are a member of a dCOM and do not have a handbook, you can download one here.“
   dCOM Handbook (Handbook for District Committees on Ordained Ministry - PDF)

Candidate District File Content Checklist 

Local Pastors District File Content Checklist

Action Report to the BOML Registrar

Service Setting Compliance Form

  Action Outlines

The following Action Outlines are to be used by the District Committee on Ordained Ministry (DCOM) as it does its work.  The Action Outlines provide specific actions required, a suggested motion, vote requirements, and other requirements which may be helpful to the DCOM to have in order to discuss and act on Candidates for ministry under the care of the DCOM.

  Candidacy Certification
Candidacy Renewal
Local Pastor Completion of Studies
Local Pastor Continuance Recommendation
Local Pastor Reinstatement
Provisional Membership Recommendation
Associate Membership Recommendation
Readmission to Conference Relationship
Other Denominations Serving in Annual Conference Bounds
  Contact Information
  Rev. Charles Nordean: cnordean@okumc.org, (405)530-2007
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