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February 2015
Your careful attention is requested, to update and direct your church/Conference agency on a decision by the Council on Finance and Administration (CFA) relating to U.S. copyright law.
In an effort to keep Oklahoma Conference United Methodist churches and agencies compliant with copyright law, the CFA has taken action to secure Conference-wide group music and video licensing that will cover all local churches and a number of Conference agencies.
The CFA decision also saves money, as the cost for group licensing is discounted 30 percent. Money from the Conference’s Contingency Fund will pay this year for previously unlicensed churches or unrenewed licenses, as voted by CFA. At its meeting in March, that council will make a recommendation for future budgeting, and that decision will be reported to the Annual Conference.
As of Feb. 1, the Oklahoma Conference has entered into agreements with Christian Video Licensing International (CVLI) and Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI).
A number of Oklahoma Conference churches already are licensed through one or both of these companies. If your church is among those, you should NOT receive a renewal bill from either CCLI or CVLI, but if you did, disregard it. Your church’s coverage will not lapse. In the coming weeks, the transition for those churches will be automatic from individual church accounts to the Conference group accounts. License numbers will not change for existing CCLI accounts.
New CCLI and CVLI license numbers will be issued to each new church in the Conference group accounts. Current CVLI holders also will receive new license numbers.
Watch for a letter from this department with your church’s new CVLI license and for mail from CCLI with that licensing data. Additional license information will soon be available on the conference website.


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