From the 2017 Annual Conference Journal. page 343:
1. In order to expedite the business of the Conference, there shall be a Consent Calendar Committee.
2. The Consent Calendar Committee shall be composed of the Secretary of the Annual Conference, the Chairperson of the
Committee on Standing Rules, the Director of Connectional Ministries, and the Conference Lay Leader.
3. The Consent Calendar Committee, in consultation with agencies or individuals presenting reports, recommendations, or resolutions, will provide the list of Consent Items which will be listed as such in the Pre
-Conference Workbook.
4. Items on the Consent Calendar shall be considered as adopted by consent of the Annual Conference.
5. An individual item may be removed from the Consent Calendar by a written request signed by twenty lay and/or clergy members of the Annual Conference and presented to the Conference Secretary prior to the first business session.
6. It is the responsibility of the person who wants an item removed from the Consent Calendar to secure the required number of signatures.
7. If there are no additional changes to the Nominations from the floor of Annual Conference, it shall be added to the Consent Calendar.
8. When a matter has been removed from the Consent Calendar it shall be placed into the regular agenda at an appropriate time.
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