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Fear and focus


The letter of instruction ending with four ominous words: “Watch out for rattlesnakes.” As I finished packing for the mission work trip, those words jumped out at me again. I have never liked snakes, especially rattlesnakes. My last encounter with a rattler had been almost a decade prior to this trip. I was a director at a church camp for elementary children. I happened upon a camper who had discovered and was approaching a rattlesnake. I quickly got the child away from the snake, sent someone ...

Appointments for the week of July 30, 2018


Alan McIntyre, from retired to Inola UMC, effective July 1. Angela Albright, to retirement, effective July 1. Ayrika Watson, from Altus Highland Heights to not appointed, effective July 1. Brad Dery, from full-time to part time at Ardmore-First, effective July 1. Bryan Tener, from OKC-Grace to OKC-Mayfair Heights, effective July 1. Crystal Hughes, to Crescent First, effective July 1. Dane Lemmons, from Stillwater Drug Court to Stillwater Drug Court and associate at Stillwater-Highland Park. ...

Out to the edge


By Bishop James Nunn At this point in our United Methodist journey, it is imperative that we focus on basic concepts and principles that connect us in ministry. Our stated mission of the church is “to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” The church faces challenges, as it always has. The metaphor of the desert, or the wilderness, has been used to describe today’s challenges. Being in the desert may evoke fear; however, the desert is the place where God often ...

Episcopal priorities for 2018-19


Editor’s Note: The following remarks are taken from Bishop Nunn’s Episcopal Address given on May 29, 2018. By Bishop James Nunn At the root of every quest is a question or series of questions. I broadly frame our Oklahoma Conference quest this way: “How do we reclaim our purpose and integrity in the face of dramatically changing circumstance?” With this question in mind, we will examine our key priorities for the work of our ministry together. Effective leadership The first priority of the ...

Appointments for the week of June 25, 2018


Craig Clark from Muldrow/Roland Trinity UMC to McKenzie United Methodist Church in Honey Grove, Texas; effective July 1, 2018. Michael Shepherd from Inola UMC to Muldrow/Roland Trinity UMC; effective July 1, 2018. Alan McIntyre from retired to Inola UMC interim pastor; effective July 1, 2018.



"The Council of Bishops of the United Methodist Church is joining other churches and people of various faith traditions in issuing a joint statement printed below.  I join with these colleagues in support of families.  While the current news cycle highlights tragic experiences of people trying to enter the United States, I remind us that outrageous actions against families and children occur every day throughout the world.  Children are the most innocent victims of war, oppression, violence, ...

Appointments for the week of June 4, 2018


Bryan Tener from OKC Grace to Director of Connectional Ministries and Interpretations for The Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference/Angie Smith Memorial OKC and Mayfair Heights, effective July 1, 2018. Jessica Maynard from Crescent First to OKC Grace, effective July 1, 2018. Crystal Hughes from Personal Leave to Crescent First, effective July 15, 2018. Lisa Crone from Personal Leave to Mon Valley District, West Virginia Annual Conference, Community/Johnson Chapel, effective July 1. 2018.

Full Appointment List- 2018 Annual Conference


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Appointments for the week of May 21, 2018


Barry Hayes from Tulsa-St. Marks to RoseRock Healthcare effective June 1, 2018 Ted Uhlig from Hydro UMC to Great Plains Correctional Facility, Hinton as Chaplain, effective June 1, 2018 Taylor Anderson, new to Hydro UMC, effective June 1, 2018. Joshua Coats as Associate to Tulsa-Asbury effective June 1, 2018.

Bishops get ‘Way Forward’ report


BY BISHOP JIMMY NUNN The Council of Bishops of The United Methodist Church received a report from the Commission on a Way Forward during the Council’s meeting April 30-May 4 in Chicago. The Commission had been assigned to examine all paragraphs about human sexuality in the denomination’s Book of Discipline and to explore options to maintain and strengthen the Church’s unity amid conflicting theological views. The work of the Council and Commission was guided by the mission, vision, and scope of ...

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