Oklahoma Conference of the United Methodist Church

Appointments for the week of March 8, 2021


Diana Northcutt from Iowa Conference to Cimarron District Superintendent, effective July 1, 2021.
Charles Graves from Cimarron District Superintendent to retired, effective July 1, 2021
Rod Newman from Norman-Bridgeview UMC/SPST to OKC-New Hope, effective July 1, 2021
Daniel Reid from Pocola to discontinued, effective July 1, 2021
Robert Foos from Holdenville UMC to retired, effective July 1, 2021
Janice Sharp from Lawton First UMC to retired, effective July 1, 2021
Matt Borum from Yukon First UMC to not appointed, effective January 1, 2021
Paulette Cott from retired to Fairland UMC, effective March 1, 2021
Jeffrey Taylor from retired to Fairview First UMC, effective March 1, 2021
Rusty Husted from Fairview First UMC to Parish on the Prairie, effective March 1, 2021
Mark Jardine from OKC-Chapel Hill UMC to leave of absence, effective March 1, 2021
Michael Brannon from retired to Lamont UMC, effective February 1, 2021
Matthew Thompson from Lamont UMC to no longer clergy, effective February 1, 2021
Gary Holdeman - Fairview/Catesby, deceased.
Vera Walton from Mount Zion UMC to retired, effective January 1, 2021
Mark Watson from Seminole UMC to Checotah UMC, effective January 1, 2021
Timothy Stone from Gacemont/Bridgeport to Mount Zion, effective January 1, 2021
Dyton Owen from First UMC, Independence, KS, to OKC-Chapel Hill, effective May 1, 2021
Adonna Bridges from Cement UMC to retired, effective February 1, 2021
Keith Cressman from OKC-St. Mark's to retired, effective May 1, 2021
John Marks from Ringling UMC to retired, effective July 1, 2021


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