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All you have to do is . . .


“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17
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“All you have to do is…….”

The church at Corinth had lots of problems!

Paul had to write multiple letters to them trying to give them a ‘kingdom view’ of what the church should look like. In I Cor. 3, he spoke to the problem of favoritism that was dividing the church. Some claimed to be followers of Paul, and others followed Apollos. Paul basically says, “Who is Paul and who is Apollos? I planted and Apollos watered. We’re just a couple of guys doing what we’ve been told to do. God made it grow.”

Paul planted a lot of churches, and then left men like Timothy and Apollos, and others, to nurture the young churches while he moved on to plant more churches. Each fulfilled their role in building the church.

I would like for us to think about the fact that each man, Apollos and Paul, had only one task to perform for the church, and how it might apply to our UMMen groups.

Take Ron, for example. Ron is a very faithful and important member of our UMMen group. He’s a 74 year old, retired school teacher who has arthritis so bad in both knees that he can hardly stand, and now uses a walker to get around. As a volunteer, he has sat at the desk at the church and answered the telephone for years. He knew all the work our group did around the church and the community, which involved a lot of physical labor. Some of the men in our group continually invited him to join our men’s group, but he hesitated due to his physical limitations. Still convinced he couldn’t participate in our projects, he eventually attended one of our monthly breakfasts anyhow. He was drawn by the camaraderie and servant attitude of the group and has become a faithful and active member. He says he doesn’t join anything just for the sake of joining – he wants to contribute. Ron has to sit, but his contribution to the group is noticeable. Not only does he contribute through his insights and opinions at our meetings, but during our sausage grind, for example, he sat for hours making patties for our pancake breakfast. Whenever we need someone to take registrations, take/sell tickets, or sit at a promotional table, Ron will be there. And he will tell you what a difference the group has made in his spiritual life.

This is what UMMen offers the men of the church – the opportunity to grow spiritually and to find that one way God wants to use them for growing His kingdom. This is one way “iron sharpens iron.”

Are there men like Ron in your church that God wants to include in your group? Perhaps you have such men in your group. Share their stories on our Facebook page: Oklahoma United Methodist Men on Facebook


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