Bishop's Corner

Bishop's response to the Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace Through Separation


The Council of Bishops announced a proposed separation agreement reached by an unofficial group representing a diverse range of United Methodist traditionalist, centrist and progressive interests. The agreement, known as the Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace Through Separation, was signed on Dec. 17, 2019 and announced today. While details of this protocol include terms of denominational separation, the local church does not need to worry about division just yet. The agreement itself is not ...

Q&A: General Conference and the church


I was in the longest line. There was only one checker, so I resigned myself to wait patiently while the people ahead of me were being helped. One person had a full basket. The two men behind her were engaged in a heated discussion. I thought about shopping some more just to avoid having to hear it. They covered the gambit. Politics, religion, controversy, and conflict. They were loud and short with each other. After they both checked their groceries, they even stood within earshot of the ...

2019 Episcopal Address


Full text: This morning, I am privileged to greet you in the name of Jesus Christ, our risen Savior and Lord. It is a privilege to serve the Oklahoma Conference. I have been looking forward to this gathering. I wish to thank those who have prepared for our conference. First, thanks to our hosts, OCU, St. Luke’s and Wesley. I am also thankful for the work of our ministry teams, staff, and cabinet. The fruits of your efforts are on display this week and we are being blessed by your work. I ...

Bishop Nunn Explains Judicial Council Rulings


  Grace and peace to you in the name of Jesus Christ.  My purpose in this conversation is to update you on recent actions taken at the February 2019 General Conference, and the decisions of the Judicial Council that were made last week about those actions.  I realize that some of you will be pleased with the actions and decisions, while others will be disappointed.  I acknowledge the pain and uncertainty of the day.  In this video, I will provide a context for our mission from the Constitution...

A Pastoral Letter to Everyone Who is Hurting


    Coming to General Conference, I had no idea what would happen. Expectations at the gathering were high, but the preferred outcomes were very different among the delegates. The last thing I expected was to experience feelings like the ones I had experienced upon my brother’s death. Yet, as General Conference closed and the Council of Bishops meeting ended the next day, I recognized that I had indeed felt like this before.       Numb. Shock. Deep grief. Loss.      My role as your Bishop and ...

Only the humble


By Bishop Jimmy Nunn Jimmy, a guide, gives instructions on how to enter the “eye of the needle.” Photo by Bishop Jimmy Nunn. A bus load of Oklahoma Conference clergy and spouses joined me on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in January. Many of the clergy had been ordained in recent years. About half of the group had never been to the land of the Bible prior to this trip. It was a great trip. I want to express my appreciation to Educational Opportunities, our guide for their service and financial ...

Two goats and a gift


By Bishop Jimmy Nunn One of the bishops from the Congo shared the story of how he met and married his wife. He believed that God had a purpose for his life. So, he studied the Bible every day. He met a young lady and quickly fell in love. He became her Bible teacher. He was always quoting scripture, praying, encouraging her to be more godly. It was the perfect match. Or so he thought. One day she informed him that she did not want to marry the Bible. He did not give up so easily, however. He ...

The gentle draw of worship


It was one of the most unique worship spaces I have experienced. The back porch extended about twenty feet from the back of the modest home. There was a roof overhead and a deck served as the floor. The back of the house served as one wall. Two other walls were mostly unfinished. There was no back wall. Words to the songs were projected on the wall of the house. The lyrics were framed by a small bathroom window, a washing machine, and the hot water heater. About thirty folding chairs were on the...

Bishop Jimmy Nunn Response to Tree of Life Shooting


Tree of Life Synagogue, Pittsburgh   I write filled with the feeling of dismay, as once again, senseless violence has struck a community of faith in the United States.  The Tree of Life Synagogue in the division of Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh was attacked last weekend and as of this writing, eleven people were murdered.  Please join me in condemning this violent expression of hatred.    Words of condemnation have their place.  But in the context of this era, a greater understanding of others is ...

It’s never too late to get on the bus


I felt my phone vibrate, alerting me that I was receiving an incoming call. On the other end of the line, a voice gently said, “Bishop, where are you? We are all supposed to be on the bus.” I glanced at the time on the clock and I was twenty minutes late. I hurried to the bus, boarded to the amusement (and perhaps annoyance) of the people. They were all in their seats. I had let time get away from me. From that time forward, someone had to ask the question, “Is the bishop on the bus?” I am not ...

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