The Agency Emergency/Capital funds are used to provide assistance to agencies of the Annual Conference that have property emergencies or opportunities.

Most of the requests are for emergency repairs, but we also help the agencies with new building opportunities and expansions as well.

The presence of this fund means that the agencies of the Conference are not required to accumulate and maintain excessive reserves in order to deal with emergencies and opportunities and can, instead, devote more of their resources to programming than they would otherwise be able to do.

The Agency Emergency/Capital Fund Committee understands itself to be a source of last appeal for funds for the agencies of the annual conference.

When an agency has secured all possible funds to meet an emergency opportunity but is lacking in sufficient money to complete its project, it may appropriately appeal to the AECF for consideration.

Only Annual Conference Agencies are eligible to apply, which includesthe Campus Ministries, and all Campus Ministry requests must have the approval of the Conference Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry before they are considered by the Committee.

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