Annual Conference Agenda

Monday, May 27 - OKC-Wesley UMC
12:00 PM Youth at Conference
3:30 PM Laity "Meet and Greet
6:00 PM Pre-Worship Music - Kyle Dillingham
6:30 PM Memorial Worship
Tuesday, May 28 - Oklahoma City University Freede Center
7:00 AM

Registration Open: Laity- Freede Center, Clergy- Smith Chapel
Displays Set up - Leichter Room, Freede 2nd floor

8:00 AM Laity Session
8:15 AM Clergy Executive Session - Angie Smith Chapel OCU
9:15 AM Gathering - Freede
9:30 AM Opening Communion
10:15 AM

Opening Business Session:
Safety Announcements
Enabling Motions
Consent Calendar
Episcopal Address - Bishop James Nunn

11:00 AM "Two Hundred Years of Methodists in Mission" Rev. Dr. Amy Valdez Barker
11:15 AM Ballot #1 - Lay and Clergy
12:00 PM Lunch Break
Retiree Luncheon
2:00 PM Result of Ballot #1
Laity Remain in Freede for remaining ballots
Clergy to Angie Smith Chapel: Learning time with Rev. Dr. Barker
4:00 PM Clergy Balloting in Freede; Laity Learning Time in Smith Chapel
6:00 PM Dismiss
United Methodist Women dinner celebrating 150 years of ministry
7:30 PM Clergy to return to complete balloting IF NECESSARY
Wednesday, May 29 - Oklahoma City University Freede Center
7:00 AM Registration Open
8:00 AM Service of Word and Table - Angie Smith Chapel
9:00 AM

Business Session:
General Conference 2019 Report - Linda Harker
Board of Laity Segment 1 - Chuck Stewart, Lay Leader
"Keys to Successful Aging" UM Retirement Facilities
"150 Years of United Methodist Women"
New People New Places
"What is a Disciple?" DMT
UM Foundation - Helping Churches Make Disciples
"One Matters"
Raising Racial/Ethnic Leaders - Adam Shahan, LDMT
Transforming Together: Your Mission and Ministry Giving

12:00 PM Lunch Break
1:30 PM Service of Recognition of Retirees
2:00 PM

Business Session:
Board of Laity Segment 2
Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference: David Wilson
Camp and Retreat Ministries: Herschel Beard
New Faith Communities: Mark Foster
Mission and Service Ministry Team: Jeannie Himes
Board of Laity Segment 3
Introduction of Ordinands and Commissioned: Carol Cook-Moore

4:00 PM Break for Evening Activities
Wednesday, May 29 - OKC- St. Luke's UMC
6:30 PM Pre-Worship Concert
7:00 PM Service of Commissioning and Ordination
8:30 PM Reception - Christian Life Center
Thursday, May 30 - Oklahoma City University Freede Center
7:00 AM Registration Open
8:00 AM Service of Word and Table - Smith Chapel
9:00 AM Business Session:
Board of Pension and Health Benefits: Charla Gwartney
Treasurer's Report: Norma Gravely-Quinn
Finance and Administration and 2020 Budget: Robert Gorrell
Agenda time to be extended if necessary.
11:30 AM Service of Celebration and Sending Forth
12:00 PM Dismissal
12:00 PM New 2020 General/Jurisdictional Conference Delegation meets
Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World

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