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Clayride: A Gallop Through United Methodist History

published 9/19/2014
A fast-paced "claymation" animated look at the history of The United Methodist Church. 5 mins (1984)

Convocation of Extended Cabinets 2007

published 9/19/2014
-Opening Session -Worship -Sessions 1-4 -Closing Sending Forth

CyberSafety for Families

published 9/19/2014
CyberSafety for Families by Paul O"Briant"This training kit provides parents and other concered adults about ways to keep children and teens safe online.

Deaconess: Is This a Calling For You

published 9/19/2014
This video illustrates the call, life, and varied ministries, in both church-related and helping professions, of modern deaconesses. 2004) @18 min. (additional copies, video and DVD, through the GBGM Service Center, 1-800-305-9857)

Domestic Violence: What Churches Can Do

published 9/19/2014
Working together to end sexual and domestic violence.A FaithTrust Institute production. Utilizing a 20-minute video, the program provides worship materials, background information, discussion questions, and practical steps congregations can take to become involved in preventing domestic violence. Includes a 24-page study guide and a package of awareness brochures. This DVD program:  Teaches strategies to help churches support the complex needs of survivors of abuse  Provides education and ...

Dont Put a Period Where God Put a Comma

published 9/19/2014
In Don't Put a Period Where God Put a Comma, Mohney describes how you can overcome low self-esteem and feeling of inferiority or unworthiness by accepting Gods love and seeing yourself as a new creation.

Elevate: Moving from Survival to Significance Vol. 2.

published 9/19/2014
Volume 1 of this series is no longer available. An eight week Bible study for 20 and 30 year olds. 4 DVD set includes: 1. unmet expectations; 2. family transitions; 3. bold choices; and 4. follow me. Includes Leader's guide. Through dramatic real-life stories and Biblical teaching, ELEVATE will propel you out of survival mode and on to the journey of significance.


published 9/19/2014
Money has great power in our lives and, when used wisely, helps us meet our goals, provide for our needs, and fulfill our life purpose. But in recent years, many of us ignored this when managing and spending our money. We found ourselves spending tomorrow's money today. The result of all of this was not greater happiness but greater stress and anxiety. Enough is an invitation to rediscover the Bible's wisdom on prudent financial practices. Find the keys to experiencing contentment, overcoming ...

Fanny Crosby

published 9/19/2014
Music and Mission study, 2008 School of Mission study

Final Words from the Cross

published 9/19/2014
In life and in death, Jesus" words were powerful and meaningful. Despite the serious effort and increased pain required for Jesus to speak as he hung on the cross, Jesus spoke seven "final words""statements that have much to teach us about Jesus, his Father, and ourselves: Father Forgive Them Behold Your Son"Behold Your Mother My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me? Today You Will Be with Me in Paradise I Thirst It Is Finished Into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit In 24 Hours That Changed the World, Adam...

Forged By Fire

published 9/19/2014
This 45-minute DVD intends to inspire, educate and evoke collective stories. It is a spiritual exercise in speaking justice to the powers that threaten to extinguish God's hope in human history. It seeks to move beyond endurance to consider how their integration in life today sustains unity, community and hope. Discussion guide included.

From Landmines to Schools: Landmine removal in Mozabique DVD

published 9/19/2014
A General Board of Global Ministries presentation


published 9/19/2014
This series is a magnificent aid to personal or group Bible study. Hosted by pastor Richard Bewes and theologian Paul Blackham of All Souls Church, London, the Bible study explores one book at a time, using the New International Version. Internationally renowned guest teachers provide insights to their favorite Bible book. These programs challenge the mind while touching the heart. Each DVD comes with one guide. Vision Video. Genesis Tells about the creation of everything, both the visible and ...

God's Life and Our Life

published 9/19/2014
God's Life and Our Life 18:59 mins by Dr. Amy Oden

God's Transforming Mission in the 21st century

published 9/19/2014
This DVD, complete with a study guide, presents some of the major mission challenges Christians will confront in the 21st century: mission among the worlds poor, ministry to children and youth, the impact of globalization, reconciliation among nations and peoples.

Good God Theater: Act 1-2

published 9/19/2014
Ted & Company TheaterWorks brings to life stories from the Bible with a unique blend of freshness and humor. These DVDs will capture the imagination and hearts of youth and adults alike and may even send you back to your Bible to check out the "real" stories for yourself. Excellent study curriculum for youth and adults. Act 1: Old Testament Sixteen vignettes bring the Bible to life. The discussion guide will help provide weeks of Bible study material. Fans of Ted & Lee will recognize bits from ...

Gospel Without Borders

published 9/19/2014
2 segments, 31 and 53 minutes From Productions

GriefShare Basic Kit

published 9/19/2014
The GriefShare Basic Kit provides your church with the strategy and the tools to start and sustain a ministry program for people who are grieving the death of a loved one. GriefShare enables your church to effectively minister to the long-lasting, persistent needs of your grieving members. The practical content in each video lesson also makes GriefShare an effective tool to reach beyond the walls of the church and into the heart of your community. The instructional material is provided to you in...

Hear Their Cries: Religious Responses to Child Abuse

published 9/19/2014
Documentary on the role of clergy, lay leaders, and religious educators in preventing child abuse. Theological issues, including forgiveness and confidentiality are explored. A vignette offers insight into how to respond to a victim's disclosure of abuse. 48 mins (1992)

Hurry Up and Wait, Hurry Up and Wait!

published 9/19/2014
Hurry Up and Wait, Hurry Up and Wait! 1:02:52 mins By Rev. Dr. Mouzon Biggs Jr.

Hymns of Praise: Charles Wesley

published 9/19/2014
The brother of John Wesley penned more than 6,500 magnificient hymns. Some are among the most beloved in Christian history--Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, "Christ, The Lord Is Risen Today," and many others appear in the hymnals of every Christian denomination. In this fascinating one-man play, you'll hear the true stories of the early days of Methodism, the events that led up to his conversion, his brother John's "Aldersgate Experience," and the astonishing events that unfolded as the Wesley ...

If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat

published 9/19/2014
A six-session journey on learning to trust God. By John Ortberg with Stephen and Amanda Sorenson. Peter may have been the first one out of the boat, but Jesus" invitation to walk on water is for us all. This resources helps your small group answer Christ"s cal to greater faith, power-filled deeds, and a new way of knowing him. 1. What's Water-Walking? 2. The Tragedy of the Unopened Gift 3. Find Your Calling and Get Your Feet Wet 4. Facing Our Challenges, Conquering Our Fears 5. Good News for ...

In the Footsteps of Paul

published 9/19/2014
A six-lecture series delivered by Bill Mallard. Topics: Peter, Paul, and Rome; Paul within the Roman Empire; Paul's Diverse People; Rhodes, Ephesus, and Mary; Athen, Patmos, and God's Foolishness; Paul and Women.

In the Middle of a Valley Full of Bones

published 9/19/2014
In the Middle of a Valley Full of Bones 18:00 mins By Rev. Dr. Mouzon Biggs Jr.

Instruments of Hope

published 9/19/2014

Invitation to Genesis: Short-Term Disciple Bible Study

published 9/19/2014
In the beginning . . . These first words in Genesis may be among the most familiar words in all the Bible. Many readers of the Bible recognize Genesis as a book that describes the beginning of all things: the Creation. This is certainly true but is only part of the story the creation of the world only takes up the first two chapters of a fifty-chapter book. What are the other chapters about? This study approaches the Book of Genesis not simply as a story of the beginning but as a story of ...

Invitation to John: Short-Term Disciple Bible Study

published 9/19/2014
In its wisdom, the early church chose to keep four Gospel accounts of the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Three of these Gospels are very similar to each other in both what they tell about the story of Jesus and how they tell it. However, the Gospel of John stands apart. In it, we find Jesus speaking not in parables but in lengthy discourses. We overhear Jesus talking with Nicodemus, a Samaritan woman, and Mary Magdalene. We marvel at Jesus turning water into wine, calling ...

Invitation to Psalms: Short-Term Disciple Bible Study

published 9/19/2014
The human emotions expressed in the Book of Psalms rise to peaks of joy and descend into valleys of despair. In the Psalms, the promise of the reign of God meets the historical experience of God's people. Faith in God's faithfulness collides with human experiences of pain and suffering, enslavement, oppression, and exile. God's people--given voice in the Psalms--struggle to make sense of who God is and who they are, and in so doing they have composed a collection of moving testimonies of grace, ...

A Life Worthy of the Gospel: An Introduction to Christian Ethics

published 9/18/2014
This Wesley Ministry Network series features six DVD lessons by Dr. Sondra Wheeler, professor of Christian ethics at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. Lessons included with this kit are: 1. A Christian Way of Living? (20:51 mins.) 2. Scripture: The Story that Forms Us (23:53) 3. Augustine: Ordering Our Loves (25:20) 4. Luther: The Spirit of Christian Life (14:13) 5. Wesley: Transforming Grace (21:41) 6. Learning from Our Traditions"A Test Case (26:42)

A Place to Pray: Conversations on the Lord's Prayer

published 9/18/2014
How to pray better This seven-part video series explores many of the ideas in Roberta C. Bondi's book "A Place to Pray: Reflections on the Lord's Prayer" (1998). Each video is organized in two sections: (1) Roberta's comments on the first theme followed by discussion between Roberta and four others, and (2) Roberta's comments on the second theme followed by discussion between Roberta and four others. Seven Sessions on three videos. Study Guide (brief) for set Program 1: Our Father (25 mins) ...

A Son: The Exact Imprint of God's Very Being!

published 9/18/2014
A Son: The Exact Imprint of God's Very Being! 23:52 mins By Rev. Dr. Mouzon Biggs Jr.

A Synopsis of Jesus' First Sermon!

published 9/18/2014
A Synopsis of Jesus' First Sermon! 24:02 mins By Rev. Dr. Mouzon Biggs Jr.

Acolytes, Greeters & Ushers

published 9/18/2014
Each of the three sections in this video explains how that particular group functions in the worship experience. 23 minutes (1990)

Addiction: Why cant they just stop?

published 9/18/2014
Addiction: Why cant they just stop? A 14-part series that describes new knowledge and treatments into the desease of addiction. A HBO documentary that is 90 minutes, plus 5 hours of comprehensive material and additional interviews, as well as a 12-hour program guide. 2007 2 DVD box sets

Always Therefore: The Church's Challenge of Global Poverty

published 9/18/2014
A video from the Baptist Center for Ethics Deuteronomy 15:11 "For the poor will never cease out of the land; therefore I command you. You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in the land." The Bible calls for an enduring commitment. This video provides a solid biblical foundation and a compelling overview of what Baptists around the world are doing and can do to be faithful to the biblical mandate. 28 minutes

America's Working Poor, from ABC News Nightline

published 9/18/2014
A 22 minute video of three working poor families.

Animated Stories from the Bible, Elijah

published 9/18/2014
Nest Family Entertainment Network Living History Productions The Animated Stories from the Bible ELIJAH Elijah challenges the false prophets of Baal.

Magdalena: Through Her Eyes

published 9/18/2014
One woman found freedom as she was delivered from her past. Deep in hopelessness, one woman found freedom as she was delivered from her past. Magdalena reveals what can happen when women refuse to live in defeat and choose to discover their real value. It is the true story of Jesus seen through the eyes of Mary Magdalene; a story of tenderness, freedom and purpose. Journey with women of our past to discover hope for your future. DVD, leader guide; and bible study book  

Yes, Lord, I Have Sinned But I Have Several Excellent Excuses

published 9/18/2014
James W. Moore is a master storyteller. Individuals and groups across the country have read and enjoyed his books and what they reveal to us about God and our selves. In  this book, Moore observes that people often give lame excuses for their arrogance, dishonesty, hostility, and presumptuousness. He challenges readers to recognize such situations and to grow beyond them. He addresses such “sins” as half-heartedness, spiritual arrogance,  deception, overreaction, hostility, presumptuousness, ...

Veil of Tears

"Gospel for Asia" offers a heartfelt journey through the eyes of South Asian women, who unveil their stories of rejection, abandonment, tragedy and triumph. The film was shot on-location in India, in some of the most remote tribal villages in the world.
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