Oklahoma's General Conference Delegation

Requests have been made for the names and contact information of the Oklahoma Conference Delegation eligible to go to the special called Conference, February 23-26 in St. Louis. Below is a list of the delegates names and a google group link for you to send messages to the delegation.

Linda Harker

To send a message to the delegation, email ok-delegation@googlegroups.com


  • Linda Harker
  • Joseph Harris
  • Bob Long
  • Jessica Seay Moffatt
  • Samuel Powers
  • Tom Harrison
  • Brian Bakeman

Clergy Alternates

  • Aaron Tiger
  • Wade Paschal
  • Matt Judkins
  • Jeff Jaynes
  • DA Bennett
  • Valerie Steele
  • Fuxia Wang
  • Ray Crawford
  • Tish Malloy
  • Lesly Broadbent


  • Don Kim
  • Bill Junk
  • Herschel Beard
  • Chuck Stewart
  • Janey Wilson
  • Cara Nicklas
  • Aly Shahan

Laity Alternates

  • Sarah Nichols
  • Tom Junk
  • Barbara Perry
  • Kent Fulton
  • Cindy Hull
  • Briana Tobey
  • Earl Mitchell
  • Debra Davis
  • Reece Player
  • Ahnawake Dawson
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