2021 AC Budget – FAQ’s

The following are some frequently asked question about the Conference Budget. We have provided short, concise answers to some of these questions as you prepare for Annual Conference.

How is the Annual Conference budget determined?

Annual Conference committees that are part of the conference budget (located on pages 120-122 of the Pre-Conference Workbook) submit their proposed budgets recommendations for the coming year to the Council on Finance and Administration, composed of clergy and laity elected by the Annual Conference. CFA works through the requests until they agree on a recommendation to the annual conference for the coming year.

This process includes significant ministry auditing by the Annual Conference Council as well as many other clergy and laity from around the annual conference who meet throughout the year to stay in touch with our various extension ministries.

Are there costs in the budget that cannot be altered?

Yes.  All General Church and Jurisdictional apportionments cannot be changed according to the United Methodist Book of Discipline.  Many items in the Conference budget (approximately 33% of the total) are determined at the General Conference level.

Where in the budget have expenses been reduced?
General Church items reflected a 2.7% increase for 2021.  The remaining items in the Conference budget total approximately $6.8 million for 2021 for an overall decrease of 3.5% for those items. The 2021 budget for Mission and Ministries was decreased approximately 32.6% from $3.1 million in 2020 to $2.3 million in 2021. Because a number of churches receiving the benefit of CCLI/CVLI coverage have not been paying that apportionment line item, it is not being included in the budget recommendations.  Staff reductions include consolidated responsibilities, retirements, not replacing staff openings, and reducing fixed expenses.  

What are the priorities in the budget?
Priority has been placed on our mission as United Methodists and the ministry of the local church.  The needs of the Oklahoma Conference receive special attention in budget consideration at all levels.

How does apportionment income determine the budget recommendations?
In preparing the 2021 budget, revenues were projected on what income to expect in 2021 and how we could reduce expenses to meet those revenues. We have fewer churches contributing fewer dollars to the conference’s 2021 budget due to church closings, uncertain church attendance due to COVID, uncertainty due to the upcoming General Conference in 2021 and churches struggling with their own operating costs.

For more information
If you have any additional budget questions that you would like to get an answer to please contact us at ac2020@okumc.org.   Also see this Contact article for additional information.


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