Annual Conference 2018 Workshops

We are so excited about two sessions of workshops which will be offered at this year’s Annual Conference.  With the theme QUEST: Journey, Pursuit, Mission and Mission and our teaching day on intentional discipleship systems, you will go away with practical tools in your toolbox for making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Session 1 – by church size (average worship attendance) with a focus on discipleship systems

  • Under 75 AWA
  • 76-129 AWA
  • 130-300 AWA
  • Over 300 AWA

Session 2 – delegate choice


1. Courageous Conversations

Scott Hughes, Discipleship Ministries

Courageous Conversations (structured dialogues for learning) aim to encourage and equip local churches to hold meaningful conversations regarding complex social and topic issues. A toolbox of resources (webinars, downloadable resources, articles, etc.) are designed to empower churches in creating nurturing, supportive, yet challenging spaces for adults to grow through engaging diverse perspectives and self-reflection.

2. Hilarious Giving

Mike Wiley, OKUMF

Based on 2 Corinthians 9:7, we will share stories and resources to assist with several areas of stewardship and generosity in the local church.

3. Discipleship in the Workplace: Untapped Potential for Every Church

Terry Koehn

We often think of “the work of the church” as that which happens in church buildings or through church programs. But disciples of Jesus spend most of their time doing all sorts of “work”: as employees and employers, work-at-home parents, as significant volunteers, or even as those who care for loved ones with various needs. None of that is outside of being a disciple of Jesus, so how can the church honor work and resource people to serve Christ well in all those places?

4. Church and Community Development: School Partnerships

Tiffany Nagel Monroe

School partnerships are key to building stronger communities and thriving churches. Discover innovative ways to initiate school partnerships, develop church discipleship programs that reinforce the value of school partnerships, and outreach initiatives that support and nurture schools and educators. School partnerships are not just valuable, but vital and possible for churches of all sizes and locations.



5. Sharing Your Story through Social Media

Tabitha Beckman

Social media is a powerful tool that churches can use to engage and connect with the people inside of outside of the church. We will explore ways to start or improve your social media presence.

6. How Spiritual Direction Helps Churches, Lay Leaders, Staff, and Clergy

Rev. Peter White

We all deeply love God's church. But to what degree are all of our activities—the committees we serve on, the seminary classes we take, the worship services we participate in, the ministries we lead—drawing us deeper into the heart of God? Spiritual direction is one practice where we open up space to listen more intently to God's presence with us amidst all of the church work we love so much.


1. The Discipleship Journey

Adam Shahan,LDMT

The Discipleship Journey is an 18-month coaching process provided by the Leadership Development Ministry Team (LDMT).Churches who take the Discipleship Journey will accomplish the following:An intentional pathway to discipleship, transforming your first-time guests to Jesus followers; a meaningful partnership with your local school, making you a better community partner; an understanding of your neighbors and neighborhood, giving you a clearer pathway to evangelizing; and a method for raising up new leaders, bringing fresh perspective for your congregation.

2. Safe Spaces: Security Ministries and Safe Sanctuaries

Eva Marie Campbell & Paula Gradney-Garner

We will look at and review ways of incorporating security and safety measures into the life of your church in a way that supports the ministries of the church. Time will be spent sharing about Safe Sanctuary measures that specifically address the needs of those in the LGBTQ community.

3. Missional Evangelism via Live Streaming

Matt Scraper

In this workshop, we will take a look at effective and efficient methods of streaming your worship services, studies, and missional opportunities through the creation of a virtual campus. In 2017, Southern Hills UMC streamed into over 40 countries, and over 300 major metropolitan areas around the world. Through the use of simple, cost-effective platforms, we will explore an efficient, step-by-step process that will produce immediate results.

4. Fresh Expressions of Church

Chris Tiger, New Faith Communities

The Fresh Expressions movement began in the United Kingdom. This wave of new faith communities has emerged to reach unchurched and dechurched people and lead them on a journey to follow Jesus. We will look at how this movement can be used by God to reach people in Oklahoma.

5. Small(er) Church Youth Ministry

Brad Fiscus, Tennessee Conference

Think you can’t have a thriving and vital youth ministry in a small church? Think again! Small(er) Church Youth Ministry will help you see the big impact small churches can have on the faith journey of their young people. Encouraging and practical, this one-of-a-kind resource is your guide to designing, launching, and leading effective disciple-making youth ministry.

6. STRIDE: Creating Discipleship Systems

Ken Willard, Leadership for Transformation

This workshop is informative, interactive, and inspirational. In Matthew 28, Jesus said, “Go and make disciples.” How is that going in your ministry? While every church is different, there are common elements to effective disciple making processes. Participants will be equipped to return to their churches and begin the process of creating their own discipleship pathway. Ken will give an overview of all three stages from his book, with an emphasis on Stage One – Preparation: Getting the Soil Ready. [Great Things Begin with Prayer; Recommitting to Our Mission, Evaluating Our Current State, Understanding Our Objective) This session has been designed for all types and sizes of churches.

7. A Wesleyan Approach to Young People’s Ministry

Derrek Belase, DMT

What advice does John Wesley offer for churches considering ministry with youth, children and young adults?What advice do we get from his writings?How does this sync with current reality and research?Come and hear how it all fits together … and even get some cool resources to take home!

8. God’s Call and What To Do About It

Board of Ordained Ministry

Provided by the Annual Conference Board of Ordained Ministry, this workshop examines the many ways God calls us to various ministries, and our collective responses. We will define the role of the Local Church and the Pastor-Parish Relations Committee and explore credentialing opportunities of the Board of Ordained Ministry, including The Bi-Vocational Pastor’s Academy, Local Pastor Licensing School and further educational requirements.



1. What’s global warming got to do with me and my church?

Deaconess Pat Hoerth

Workshop participants will engage in a process that connects them with their love of and concern for nature, explores the justice and spirituality of creation care and helps them fulfill (as individuals, families, churches) the commitment made in last year’s resolution at Annual Conference to help reduce global warming.

2. Community Trauma: Ten Things To Know When a Congregation Faces the Unimaginable

Mary Gaudreau

From high-profile to lower-attention incidents, churches are uniquely gifted to respond to crises within their communities and beyond. This workshop explores basic information about the spiritual and emotional impact of traumatic incidents as well as strategies for response.

3. First Class Ministry to First Responders

Chaplain Sam Tucker

Building upon the annual conference special offering related to Strength for Service devotion guides, a longtime military chaplain and others in first response work will help you understand the uniqueness of those to whom we cry out for help is critical to journey with them in faith. They are spiritual and our churches can have a huge impact on their lives.

4. Know Your Community: Demographic Information and Possibilities

Carlos Ramirez, LDMT

This workshop provides an introduction to three on-line demographic platforms available to Oklahoma Conference churches – 1) Mission-in-site, 2) Zeemaps and 3) American Fact Finder.

These platforms allow leaders to have a deep overview of the community around their local churches.

5. Bridges Out of Poverty and Getting Ahead

Don Jones

Bridges Out of Poverty is a comprehensive plan for enabling individuals move out of poverty and become self-sufficient by building eleven resources. Getting Ahead is a classroom resource for helping up to fifteen people begin this journey to greater prosperity.

6. Connecting Church and Community in Mission

Jeremy Basset, Office of Mission

Our context in ministry really matters! The community around us gives us our primary place of mission and service – and applying what it means to be a disciple of Jesus helping in the transformation of the world. This workshop will explore ways of understanding the issues in your community and engaging them effectively.

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