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“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17

Welcome, men, to a new approach to connecting men across the conference. I plan to start posting weekly messages on the Oklahoma United Methodist Men Facebook, which will also be posted on the conference UMM webpage (www.okumc.org/umm).

Oklahoma Leadership

  • Warren Neff, Vice-President |  918-335-2274
  • David Battles, Secretary-Treasurer | 800-259-6863

Oklahoma Conference United Methodist Men Facebook page

The objectives of the United Methodist Men shall be:

  • To seek daily Christ's way of life.
  • To bear witness to this way in business dealings and in social contacts
  • To engage in some definite Christian service.
  • To study and become familiar with the United Methodist Church, its organization, and its doctrines.
  • To promote personal evangelism, especially among men and boys.
  • To develop Christian fellowship in the church, especially among laymen, by promoting Christian understanding.
  • To cooperate with the Bishop, District Superintendent, and Pastor in promoting the program of the church.
  • To cooperate with other units of United Methodist Men in the promotion of District, Conference, and Church-wide projects under the leadership of the Board of Discipleship.

The purpose of the United Methodist Men's Fellowship is threefold.

RENEWAL - Our faith is renewed as we share together in experiences of worship and study.

SERVICE - As concerned men of Christ, we seek to render service to each other, to the church and to the larger community through programs decided upon and developed by us as we respond in faith to God's love to us.

FELLOWSHIP - We share together in Christian fellowship in all that we do, but we also set a time aside dedicated to no effort but the enjoyment of each other's company and doing things we like to do as Christian men.