The Provisional Process

Persons who feel that God is calling them to ministry in The United Methodist Church will be participating in a process of discernment and examination that may lead to being either licensed or ordained as a United Methodist clergy. It is an involved process that requires a person to be listening for God’s call each step along the way. It also involves lots of other people who God has placed in the process to verify a person’s call to ministry.

   Instructions for Residency Education Provisional Members

Provisional Handbook

Document of Understanding

Teaching Evaluation

Worship Evaluation


Materials are due Oct. 1.

These assessments are due each fall for provisional members from your District Superintendent, PPRC/SPRC, and if applicable, Senior Pastor.

Year One:


Addendum DS

Addendum SPRC / Year 1,

 Addendum Senior Pastor (if applicable)

  Year Two:

Addendum DS

Addendum SPRC / Year 2,

Addendum Senior Pastor (if applicable)

  Year Three:

Addendum DS

Addendum SPRC / Year 3,

Addendum Senior Pastor (if applicable)


Residency Groups are for those who are Commissioned.

  Contact Information

Rev. Charles Nordean:, (405)530-2007