Bi-Vocational Pastors Academy

Rev. Carol A Cook Moore, Ph.D., Bi-Vocational Pastors Academy, Dean or 973-945-2608

  • What is the overall purpose of the academy?

To equip up to 150 Oklahoma laypeople to become bi-vocational, part-time pastors in small churches located near them.

  • Isn’t being a pastor always a full-time assignment?

There has always been a provision in our Book of Discipline for bi-vocational, part-time local pastors.

  • Who participates?

Potential candidates often already serve as volunteers in a church. They may come from many walks of life: teachers, bankers, farmers, business owners, etc. A district superintendent must nominate the person.

  • How long does the academy last?

The academy consists of six sessions, held monthly (January through June).

  • What are the expectations?

Participants are expected to complete 80 hours of training required by the Board of Ordained Ministry (BOOM).

  • How much does it cost?

$250 per person. Covers all books and meals. The Oklahoma United Methodist Foundation is underwriting the academy. Before deployment, all pastors also must undergo a psychological evaluation, with that expense shared by the participant and BOOM.

  • What is the curriculum?

Bible—Reading the Bible and leading Bible study to make disciples

Preaching—Communicating the Gospel in a way to grow disciples

United Methodist Ethos—What a UM disciple of Jesus Christ does

  • Will I earn any salary for serving as a part-time local pastor?

Churches do pay, based on their financial ability. But these bi-vocational pastors will receive primary compensation from their other work.