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In the Christmas season, and especially Christmas Eve, the world around us is in a mood most responsive to Christ and the church.

This Christmas, will you SHARE THE JOY?

The Conference’s evangelism task force has designed Facebook resources for you to SHARE, to invite people to your holiday events.

1) Log into your own Facebook page. In the search field at the top of the window, type SHARE THE JOY UMC. From the pop-up list, select "Share the JOY UMC community."

2) The Facebook page "SHARE THE JOY UMC community" will open; then click on the "video" link. Preview any videos you wish.

3) Select a video and click "share," then "share on your own timeline."

4) Add your personal invitation in the comment box, with details (when and where) about the service you have in mind.

5) Click the "post" button.

6) Watch for comments and be responsive.

7) Consider posting invitations repeatedly in the days leading up to your event, especially right before Christmas Eve, because a lot of people make last-minute decisions.

8) After the event, SHARE THE JOY of it on your Facebook page. Share a conversation about the Christ of Christmas. Share connections that may interest your friends and bring them back to church.

Also find the step-by-step promotional video at:

• The OkumcCommunications channel on YouTube

• On Vimeo at 

Questions? Contact Chris Buskirk, of the evangelism task force, at  or 918-519-5874.


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