Classes offer leader training for laity


On Feb. 7, the Conference Board of Laity will sponsor a leadership training day for church members from across the state.

“I AM LAITY” Summit ’15 starts at 9:30 a.m. that Saturday at OKC-St. Luke’s Church. Advance registration is necessary. Sign up at:

Each participant may choose two classes to attend, and Bishop Hayes will preach. Fee, $15, includes lunch and class handouts. Child care is free.

Conference Lay Leader Chuck Stewart said the Board plans this day of training in place of the Re-Ignite Workshops, not scheduled this winter.

Class choices:

1. Lay Leader: Uncovering the leader in you;
2. Being a Lay Delegate to Annual Conference: How to navigate the system;
3. Church Council/Chairperson: ministry and administration;
4. Trustees: “It’s not just mowing the lawn”;
5. Finance;
6. Show Me the Money: Where to find grants and additional resources for your church;
7. Missional Area 1: How to relate in your district; and
8. An Exploration Into God’s Calling.

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