Booked for travel


Photo by Amelia Ballew

Mike Brown and Evelyn Phyffer of OKC-Crown Heights UMC are surrounded by boxes filled with books, ready for shipment to Ganta United Methodist School, Liberia, for a new library. The book drive began in November, and the donations filled several rooms at Crown Heights. Total: 12,000 books and 1,000 periodicals, in 271 boxes. Phyffer said donors were creative in procuring materials. One church member visited the Oklahoma City "Friends of the Library" book sale; former teachers donated from their education collections. The Hobby Lobby company delivered the books, plus other school supplies, to Indiana. From there, UM-related Operation Classroom will transport them to Liberia. Phyffer has served on multiple missions to Liberia, including a team trip with Bishop Hayes. In February 2011, she and Gay Abarr of OKC-Wesley will lead a VIM construction team to Liberia.

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