Given that the Christmas Season is the number one time of the year when people without a church home are likely to visit your church for the first time, our Oklahoma Conference Evangelism Committee is underwriting the cost for this campaign.

The time approaches. 

Christmas Eve is THE MOST LIKELY time a non-church goer
will consider going to church. 

Will they know your church is an option? 

Will you be ready? 

Empower your church members with a social media strategy
to make the most of this annual opportunity.

Tweak your service plans.  

What would draw an outsider’s interest?  If you actually ask a few, you might be surprised; a convenient time (or options), candy for kids, a live nativity, or simply what church does best – candles, carols, communion, choirs, and the wonder of the Holy.  Plan services accordingly and describe them so newcomers know what to anticipate.

Post your service(s) on the Home for Christmas website: www.ChristmasEveWorship.com

On this homepage click on the link “Request your church listing here” and fill in the form by December 15.  At no cost to you, nearly a million paid posts sent through Facebook, sponsored by the Conference Evangelism Task Force, will be reaching out to folks across Oklahoma and driving interest to this website where they can find your church by a simple zip code search.

Rally your FaceBook network to be active the week or so before Christmas Eve. 

It’s simpler than you may think.  You may be surprised how many Facebook users you already have in your pews and we are preparing a short video for worship to assist you enlisting their help.  With a call to THE CROUCH GROUP (if they have not already reached you in their attempt to contact every church in the Conference) anyone you assign from your church can be coached through setting up a church Facebook, 1 (888) 211-0273.  They can also, given your permissions, automatically feed your Facebook page with Home For Christmas advertising content (mostly short videos) ready to be shared with the Facebook users in your congregation with the intended possibility of “going viral” through their “friend networks” in the week before Christmas.  Try this for Christmas and you may just discover a low cost and effective way to spread the word about what you have to offer year round!

Celebrate a wonderful Christmas Eve with invitations for guests to return. 

Be prepared to relate warmly to your guests that night AND be sure to let them know of things that might BRING THEM BACK.  What are you offering in the near future that might connect with one of your guest’s felt needs?  Highlight a few of those opportunities in worship:  a single-mom support group, a youth lock-in, the next message series, or a community service project. Provide a take home brochure with contacts and more information.

This is Chris Buskirk for the Conference Evangelism Task Force
praying your nets full to overflow with souls for which our Christ came Christmas Eve! 

Christmas Eve…it may be the best night of the year… to go fishing!

Contact Chris Buskirk, with the Conference Evangelism Committee, chris@abidingharvest.org, (918) 519-5874 for general or strategic planning support as a church.

The Conference Evangelism Committee hopes that you and your church will commit to be a part of this effort to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world this Christmas. People are just waiting to be invited. The next step is up to you.

Rev. Chris Buskirk
Conference Evangelism Committee
Home For Christmas 2013