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New for 2017!! The Oklahoma Conference will begin using the Employee Navigator system, a new online enrollment and support software for all of your health benefits administration needs. The Employee Navigator system will be one location that will provide a lot of services. In the system, participants can elect or adjust benefits, update address’s when moving & learn more about the health benefits offered by the Annual Conference. Participants are encouraged to store your username and password in a safe place as you will be directed to the site frequently to make changes as needed. All participants are required to elect benefits online and will receive an email to register and enroll from the email address noreply@employeenavigator.com.



During the registration process you will be required to enter personal identifying data as well as the following company identifier: UKUMC

Detailed instructions can be found here.

For more information watch this brief video on how to use the system.

2017 Open Enrollment is open from
September 1, 2016 through November 30, 2016
for 2017 Health Benefits.

Active Clergy
  • Active Clergy must enroll in the plan online and will receive an email with a link to register for the system.
  • The email will come from the email address noreply@employeenavigator.com
  • Part-Time Local Pastors are not eligible to participate.
  • Paper forms will not be accepted.
  • Completing the Pastors Compensation Form does not enroll you in Health Benefits.
  • A Qualified Mid-Year Change of Status must also be processed online using the system.
  • If you do not receive an email please contact the benefits office at healthbenefits@okumc.org

Lay Employee’s
  • All eligible Lay employees must enroll in the health plan online.
  • The Conference office must receive an authorization form for benefits from the sponsoring local church or agency.

      This form can be accessed here.
  • Upon receipt of the signed form, the Conference Office will email the authorized employee and or employer a link to enroll in benefits and bill the local church or agency accordingly for the employee’s benefits
  • This link will display all of the benefits available at the full cost to the local church or agency to the employee available from the Annual Conference.
  • Since the cost of the medical plans vary among churches to each employee, the church or sponsoring agency is encouraged to complete a Flexible Spending Account agreement form so the employee understands their specific costs of the plan.

    This form does not need to be returned to the conference office and it is
    encouraged to be kept by the local church or sponsoring agency.

    This form can be accessed here – Flexible Spending Account Agreement
A Qualified Mid-Year Change of Status, including terminations must be submitted by the local church using a paper form see links below.
Change in Status (PDF) Change in Status (Word)
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