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  • is a new copyright licensing venture that offers a multi-publisher annual copyright reprint license for churches.

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Video Copyright Guidelines: For Pastors and Church Workers

The importance of securing copyright permissions cannot be overstated. As God’s representatives, we seek to be "above reproach" (1 Timothy 3:1-2) in legal matters.

For songs and video playback, a majority of Oklahoma Conference churches hold licenses with Christian Copyright Licensing Inc. (CCLI), which offers coverage to nonprofits for about 200,000 religious songs.

Using an artist’s original music to add sound to a PowerPoint or video created by you is not covered by these licenses.

CCLI Church Copyright License allows your church to legally copy, store, and project songs to assist with congregational singing within the worship service.

The CCLI Church Rehearsal License is now available, to legally copy and share commercial CD recordings of songs your musicians want to learn. You can send out music through email, flash drives, and on worship planning websites. Go to the CCLI website, to the online reporting page, search and verify a song is covered, and report the number of copies and date. Without this step, you are not covered.

The CCLI Church Streaming & Podcast License allows streaming or podcasting of your church’s live musical performances of certain songs. This license is affordable, covers all CCLI songs, and there’s no reporting necessary!

Your church needs the Church Copyright License to also get the two newer licenses.

Here are two other valuable contacts as your church endeavors to stay copyright-compliant.

• Christian Copyright Solutions (CCS) offers a wider set of music licensing from ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC.

• Christian Video Licensing Inc. (CVLI) is a sibling organization of CCLI. 

More pertinent information about copyright laws: A church cannot charge a fee for streaming or podcasting a service nor grant a third party the right to stream, podcast, or otherwise digitally transmit songs in any manner. A church cannot stream or podcast pre-recorded music, such as artist or record-label recordings of songs sold commercially.