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Learn to depend on God


Peter replied, "Remember, we have left everything to be your followers! What will we get?" (Matthew 19:27, CEV)BY BISHOP JIMMY NUNN It is so easy to start bad habits. They can be formed instantly, it seems to me. If a risky action feels good, it can become routine after only one experience. But bad habits are counterproductive to healthy, happy, spiritual living. In contrast to the ease with which bad habits can be formed, research indicates that it takes about three weeks of daily practice ...

Appointments for the week of March 12th


Wichitas District: Rev. Robert E. Rose Jr., pastor, Lawton-First UMC, effective May 1, 2017. Oklahoma Conference, Heartland District to New Mexico Conference, El Paso District: Rev. Obed Alba, pastor, El Paso-Wesley UMC, effective 7/1/2017 Crossroads District: Rev. Raymond Trey Witzel, associate pastor (new), Edmond-First UMC, effective 6/1/2017 Council Oak District: Rev. James Graham to Tulsa New Haven, effective 6/1/2017 Green Country District: Rev. Matthew Franks to Tahlequah, effective ...

Traveling to the cross


BY BISHOP JIMMY NUNN He had thought it was empty. He had pointed it downward, but when he pulled the trigger, the kick raised the barrel. The gun fired a bullet. And his best friend lay on the bed bleeding heavily from a stomach wound. He later died on the operating table. That was when my phone rang. One of the young men in the youth group at my church had shot his best friend. Heartache, remorse, and pain poured from the boy and his family. How would this young man navigate this tragedy?...

Appointments for the week of February 20th


Council Oak District: Rev. Cindy Havlik,  new District Superintendent. Effective June 2017. Vian and Gore (two-point charge): Marcia Martin, pastor.  Effective February 15th Adair and Foyil (two-point charge): Dylan Ward, pastor. Effective February 15th

Three-part harmony


BY BISHOP JIMMY NUNN Late one afternoon, I took a walk. Geese and ducks were settling into their resting areas when I disturbed their nightly ritual. Most of the ducks waddled away, and a few smaller birds took flight toward the water. But the Canada Geese did not want to yield. Two stubbornly stood their ground. The walking path took me between them and the water. But they were all honking at me, encouraging me to turn around. This was their territory. Then a third goose, the largest ...

Night at the movies


BY BISHOP JIMMY NUNN I read a New York Times article titled “Secular Hollywood Quietly Courts the Faithful,” by Brooks Barnes, in that paper’s Dec. 26 edition. It explored the news that movie theater attendance is slightly down from its 2009 high, even though the general U.S. population is growing. The article caught my attention because church attendance also is declining. I read it seeking what I might learn. The movie industry has identified changes in society and is pointing to them as ...

A Bedlam surprise


BY BISHOP JIMMY NUNN A ‌massive wave swept over much of ‌Oklahoma recently. It is ‌‌called "The Bedlam Series" and refers to the pandemonium that occurs when the two Big 12 universities in the state square off annually against one another in football. I spent some time thinking further about bedlam. It is an interesting word. It has been the name of a film and a few television shows. The word has been used as the title of at least two novels, a work of science fiction, and in comic books. ...

Advent calls for commitment


BY BISHOP JIMMY NUNN The word "Advent" literally means "coming." It marks the beginning of the Christian year and in 2016 is observed Nov. 26-Dec 24. Advent is one of the seasons of that year when I intentionally reflect on my life and journey with Jesus Christ. Note that spiritual reflection is more than simply checking a box on a list. I do not try to recount the number of times I worshipped, read the Bible, prayed, or sought to do a good deed. All these are important — but they are outward...

Gas station quandary


BY BISHOP JIMMY NUNN I anticipated with great joy the service of installation in the Oklahoma Conference. To meet the publishing deadline, I write this reflection prior to the service. But, based on the wonderful reception and welcome that you already have extended to Mary and me, I owe many expressions of thanks; they number more than I can recount. My gratitude goes to Asbury in Tulsa for hosting the event, to the worship planning team, those who participated in the service, and everyone ...

Into the unknown


BY BISHOP JIMMY NUNN It is difficult to walk into an unknown place. The challenge starts with finding a place to park. It is my first time to come. Questions crowd my mind. Where should I park? Are there marked or unmarked spots for people with special needs? What time does the program start? Is there a sign? What is the real start time, based on the number of cars in the lot? Sometimes there are very few cars and start time is only minutes away. Other times, all the choice spots are full. ...

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