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Confirmation Retreats
February 10-11

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This retreat is designed for you to 'kick off' or 'wrap up' your church's confirmation program; it is not designed to replace what you are already doing.

H.O.P.E. for a Changing Church

The core process of every local congregation is to offer H.O.P.E. to the community it serves.This is not a new program, but rather a systems approach to discipleship.Come learn and think about these very important issues in our church today.
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Orders Meeting
January 17 - OKC-St. Luke's

Rev. Dr. Ozier’s topic will be "Creating a Culture of Growth."

Oklahoma’s clergy will hear from our new bishop as well as from new-church developer Jim Ozier of the North Texas Conference. In addition to directing new church development and congregational transformation there, he consults in more than 20 annual conferences.

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All necessary forms for charge conference will be found through the Formvite link the church will receive from their district office. Churches will use one consolidated form plus the Quick Minutes form to submit all of their information. Contact your district office administrator for information on Formvites training dates and locations.Your district administrators contact information is provided under the “About” link Administrative Services staff.

For Charge Conference Forms, see link in the right-hand column.

2016 Charge Conference Resources



These forms are not a part of charge conference and are to be turned in apart from charge conference. Each district gives its churches and clergy instructions on the due dates for turning in consultation forms. Contact your district office for this information.

Consultation Forms (profiles)